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I’ve been a consistent bicycle rider since I was about twelve years old. To my parents’ dismay, I took my first long ride when I was thirteen. But I survived the thirty miles and got home safely. Since then I have been involved in advocacy, earn-a-bike programs for underprivileged kids, and a lot of riding – including four MS 150 rides from Philadelphia to the Jersey Shore. The Lehigh Valley Velodrome in Pennsylvania is a wonderful facility at which I spent nine years volunteering and participating in their track-racing program. I still ride . . . a lot. And I write about cycling for local newspapers.

You Never Forget Your First Bicycle
December 25, 2014 | Posted in Bicycling

You Never Forget Your First Bicycle

Most of my buddies got their bikes as major presents at Christmas. If they scored big they would get a Schwinn Phantom or Panther cruiser with the spring shock absorber on the front and the box that looked like a motorcycle gas tank with an electric horn in it. These were the newspaper boy’s choice […]

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